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Fishers Diving

Welcome to Fishers Diving Club! Our coaching staff is led by head coach Jimmy Russ. Our Mission at Fishers is to promote, encourage, and develop competitive diving at every level through a comprehensive diving program. More specifically, our mission is to ...

  • ...operate a diving program that promotes not only skill development, but also sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, and character.
  • ...promote, support and encourage all of our Athletes.
  • ...implement a collaborative relationship not only with Fishers High School but the surrounding communities as well, such as Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville and more. 
  • ...promote the sport of diving with USA Diving and AAU Diving and operate according to all rules and regulations set forth by those governing organizations.
  • ...foster strong relationships with other similar diving programs within Indiana, and across the country.
  • ...develop a nationally recognized program of divers and coaching staff.
  • ...create a safe environment for all athletes.
  • ...strive for extraordinary in all aspects of our program.

Jimmy Russ

Fishers Diving

Phone: 616-260-0715